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Forewing unicolorous
Forewing with markings
2 (1)
Forewing metallic greenish brown. Vertex blackish, greyish brown laterally
7.0-9.0mm. Early May to early September. Frons glossy plumbeous; eyecap white. Terminal cilia forewing without cilia-line. Unmarked form. See couplet 5.
Forewing brownish or ochreous grey, sometimes shining. Vertex ochreous grey or ochreous brown, sometimes mixed darker
3 (2)
Forewing shining pale ochreous grey. Smaller species, 6.0-7.0mm
Mid May to mid August. Frons grey; vertex and eyecap ochreous grey. Terminal cilia forewing without cilia-lines. Form without whitish spots. See couplet 7.
Forewing pale to dark brown, not shining. Larger species, 8.0-10.0mm
B. maritima (part)
Mid May to early August. Frons shining brown; vertex ochreous brown, mixed dark brown; eyecap ochreous brown. Terminal cilia forewing with two dark cilia-lines. Unmarked form. See couplet 7.
4 (1)
Forewing dark with pale markings
Forewing pale with darker markings
Forewing occasionally more or less suffused dark brown (e.g. Bucculatrix noltei, couplet 15)
5 (4)
Vertex unicolorous blackish, greyish brown laterally
Forewing metallic greenish brown with two whitish spots on costa, two on dorsum and a whitish basal streak; marking sometimes reduced. See couplet 2.
Vertex brown or ochreous, at most mixed blackish brown
6 (5)
Eyecap ochreous grey to dark brown
Eyecap white or yellowish white, often mixed with a few dark scales
7 (6)
Smaller species, 6.0-7.0mm. Forewing shining pale ochreous grey with two whitish costal spots and two dorsal (usually reduced)
Terminal cilia forewing without cilia-lines. See couplet 3.
Larger species, 8.0-10.0mm. Forewing brown, variably marked whitish: at most present basal streak and outward oblique streaks from costa and dorsum
B. maritima (part)
Terminal cilia forewing with two dark cilia-lines. See couplet 3.
8 (6)
Forewing dark brown with two whitish spots on costa and two on dorsum; terminal cilia without dark cilia-line
7.0-9.0mm. Mid May to early August. Frons ochreous white; vertex ochreous, ferruginous centrally.
Forewing whitish, densely irrorate with brown-tipped scales and with a pattern of pale streaks; terminal cilia with dark cilia-line
Dark form. Frons pale brown, dark centred. See couplet 11.
9 (4)
Forewing with dark postmedian costal streak inwardly oblique
6.0-8.0mm. May and June, August and September. Forewing yellow with dark brown markings, among which a narrow longitudinal streak extending from disc to extreme apex; terminal cilia without cilia-line. Frons white; vertex ochreous yellow; eyecap white.
Forewing with dark postmedian costal streak outwardly oblique
Terminal cilia forewing with or without cilia-line.
10 (9)
Vertex ochreous, brown or ferruginous, centred darker
Vertex white, occasionally ochreous white, often mixed or central darker
11 (10)
Smaller species, 5.5-7.5mm. Forewing yellowish, variably suffused with brown scales
Late April to mid September. Frons white, yellowish white or pale grey; vertex ochreous to ferruginous, mixed blackish brown centrally. Forewing with variable pattern of dark streaks, spots and sometimes a fascia, anterior edge of dark dorsal spot usually with some raised blackish scales; terminal cilia with cilia-line indistinct or absent.
Larger species, 7.5-9.0mm. Forewing whitish, variably irrorate with brown-tipped scales
Late May, early June and August. Frons yellowish white; vertex pale brown, often darker centred. Forewing whitish, variably irrorate with brown-tipped scales; with darker streaks, spots and a fascia; terminal cilia with dark cilia-line, often irregular.
12 (10)
Forewing in distal third with black or dark brown longitudinal streak
Forewing in distal third without such streak
Forewing in apical third sometimes with minute black spot.
13 (12)
Thorax white, thinly irrorate blackish brown. Terminal cilia forewing without cilia-line, from lower edge of second costal spot a longitudinal streak extending to near apex
7.0-9.0mm. Late May to early August. Frons and vertex white, vertex with some dark brown hair-scales centrally. Forewing white with three ochreous costal spots and one dorsal.
Thorax white, conspicuously spotted darker in dark specimens. Terminal cilia forewing with distinct cilia-line, sometimes irregular; a longitudinal dark streak near middle of wing at three-quarters, usually short
6.0-8.0mm. Early May to early August. Frons and vertex whitish, vertex centred dark brown. Forewing white with diffuse ochreous basal streak to one-third; three ochreous costal spots and one dorsal.
14 (12)
Smaller species, 6.0-7.0mm
May to August (abroad). Frons and vertex white, vertex ferruginous centred. Forewing with ground colour white or greyish yellow, markings similar to B. ulmella.
Larger species, 7.0-10.0mm
15 (14)
Thorax yellowish. Frons and vertex whitish to pale ochreous yellow, vertex dark brown centrally. Forewing with ground colour pale greyish yellow
7.5-10.0mm. Early May to late September. Forewing variably suffused with coarse dark brown scales; markings pale ochreous or pale brown; terminal cilia without cilia-line.
Thorax white, sometimes with a few ochreous brown scales. Frons and vertex white, vertex sometimes with a few dark brown hair-scales. Forewing with ground colour pure white
7.0-9.0mm. Mid May to early August. Forewing with three costal spots and one dorsal, all ochreous; a black spot consisting of only one or two scales at three-quarters near middle of wing; terminal cilia with dark cilia-line.

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