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Labial palpus slightly ascending, second segment with well-developed projecting tuft
Labial palpus recurved almost above vertex; second segment without projecting tuft
2 (1)
Forewing dark brown with straight yellowish white fascia before middle, narrowed towards costa
13.0-16.0mm. June and July. Forewing broad, length less than 3.75 times width; small whitish costal spot, sometimes absent. Antenna for the greater part thickened above with loosely attached black scales. Frons and vertex ochreous to dark brown with a blackish brown central stripe.
Forewing not with pale fascia
3 (2)
Forewing broadening towards apex; dark termen, contrasting with pale colour rest of wing
14.0-17.0mm. Early may to early October. Forewing ochreous white, streaked whitish and with brown and blackish spots and streaks. Frons and vertex whitish. Flagellum ringed white and ochreous, three dark brown bands in apical third; scape whitish. Thorax pale ochreous, tegulae brown.
Forewing not broadening towards apex; termen not contrasting with rest of wing
12.0-17.0mm. From March to late November. Forewing brown, sometimes greyish or yellowish tinged; whitish or ochreous dorsal streak; sometimes almost unicolorous brownish. Frons whitish, vertex whitish ochreous to brownish. Flagellum incompletely ringed white and blackish, some broad dark bands in apical third. Thorax whitish ochreous to brownish, tegulae brown.
4 (1)
Forewing whitish or ochreous white with brown or ochreous fasciae and spots
11.0-12.5mm. June and July. Forewing with markings well-defined; cilia with two dark cilia-lines, dark basally. Frons, vertex and thorax yellowish.
Forewing predominantly dark-coloured from brownish grey to blackish
Forewing sometimes whitish, nearly completely suffused brownish grey.
5 (4)
Thorax yellowish. Forewing whitish, nearly completely suffused brownish grey
10.3-11.3mm. Late May, June. Forewing with oblique darker fascia beyond middle and additional pale and darker markings; cilia whitish grey, dark basally and at tips. Frons and vertex yellowish.
Thorax dark grey, dark brown or brown, sometimes somewhat purplish
6 (5)
Forewing with complete yellowish fascia at one-third
10.0-12.0mm. May and June (in Britain). Forewing shining dark purplish brown with pale red and blackish brown spots; cilia dark brown with pale cilia-line. Frons and thorax dark brown, tinged purplish; vertex from pale red to dark brown.
Forewing without complete yellowish fascia
7 (6)
Forewing dark grey to blackish, sometimes brown, with a conspicuous, strongly contrasting dorsal spot slightly before middle
11.0-16.0mm. Throughout the year. Adult hibernates. Forewing with costal quarter usually slightly paler; black suffusions and markings often indistinct; white dorsal spot sometimes with small dark dorsal spots, occasionally divided; cilia dark with one or two blackish cilia-lines, sometimes indistinct. Frons, thorax, tegulae and vertex dark greyish brown, the latter sometimes mixed ochreous anteriorly.
Forewing dark grey or brown with two or more whitish or pale greyish dorsal spots, not strongly contrasting
8 (7)
Forewing with costa finely strigulate in basal half. Frons whitish grey
9.0-13.5mm. July and August, after hibernation in April. Forewing brown with paler and darker areas; cilia brown with dark cilia-line. Vertex ochreous to greyish brown. Thorax and tegulae brown to greyish brown mixed white.
Forewing with basal half costa not strigulate. Frons brown to blackish
9.0-12.0mm. July to November and after hibernation late February to early May. Forewing dark brown with whitish and blackish markings; cilia brown, except ochreous spots in middle of termen and at tornus, cilia-line dark brown. Vertex deep ochreous brown. Thorax and tegulae brown to blackish brown.

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