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36.1 Elachistidae: Parametriotinae

Frons and vertex bright yellow, thorax purplish black
12.0-14.0mm. May and June. Forewing unicolorous purplish black except plical and second stigmata which are black with raised scales. Labial palpus black and yellow.
Frons and vertex concolorous with thorax
2 (1)
Forewing predominantly orange or yellow
Forewing predominantly dark brown
Paler areas of forewing sometimes partly suffused with ochreous yellow scales.
3 (2)
Forewing yellow, whitish towards base. Vertex, frons and labial palpus shining white; antenna pale grey, indistinctly annulated darker
14.0-18.0mm. July (in Central Europe also in August). Forewing with dark brown costal streak and two large brown spots, at two-fifth and at tornus respectively.
Forewing bright orange. Vertex, frons and labial palpus brassy blackish brown; antenna blackish brown, white apically
4 (3)
Forewing bordered dark brown, with streak along costa comparatively narrow, not connected with dark brown dorsal streak
10.0-13.0mm. Late June to early August. Forewing with three larger and two smaller tubercular silvery spots.
Forewing bordered dark brown, with streak along costa comparatively broad and connected with brown dorsal streak at one-third, forming a broad dark brown fascia.
11.0-13.0mm. July (June to August in Great Britain). Forewing with pattern of silvery spots similar to that of the preceding species.
5 (2)
Frons and vertex shining dark greyish brown
9.0-12.0mm. Early June to early August (abroad). Forewing with whitish markings reduced, pale costal spot at three quarters rather distinct.
Frons and vertex white or whitish, more or less suffused with dark brown
6 (5)
Forewing with pale colour creamy, pale dorsal streak at least in basal area partly suffused with ochreous yellow
11.0-12.5mm. Early June to mid August. Melanistic forms occur.
Forewing with pale colour pure white, without ochreous yellow suffusion
10.0-11.5mm. Late May to early July.

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