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46.3 Pyralinae

Proboscis absent
Proboscis present and well-developed
2 (1)
Larger species, 46.0mm. Forewing pale brown with one darker fascia at five-sixth
Alien. Forewing with weak discal spot; cilia reddish brown. Hindwing without markings. Abdomen stout and very long.
Smaller species, 22.0-40.0mm. Forewing brownish to dark greyish brown with two pale transverse fasciae
3 (2)
Generally smaller species, 22.0-27.0mm. Forewing reddish brown, glossy, with basal area darker than rest of wing. Hindwing whitish
Mid June to early September Forewing with transverse lines ochreous white, dark discal spot absent.
Generally larger species, 25.0-40.0mm. Forewing dark greyish brown with basal area not distinctly darker than rest of wing. Hindwing dark brown, hardly paler than forewing
Mid May to early September. Forewing with first and second transverse lines slightly paler; with blackish brown discal spot.
4 (1)
Length labial palp about three times eye-diameter
18.0-24.0mm. Early June to early September. Male with distinctly broader forewing than female. Forewing reddish brown; first pale transverse line indistinct, dark edged distally, second transverse line broader, dark edged basally. Female pale ochreous.
Length labial palp less than two times eye-diameter
5 (4)
Fore- and hindwing with terminal transverse line and cilia yellow, the latter occasionally pale purplish red
17.0-22.0mm. Mid May to Mid October. Forewing brownish violet, two transverse lines yellow, nearly straight, forming large spots at costa.
Fore- and hindwing with terminal transverse line and cilia coloured otherwise
6 (5)
Forewing uniformly brownish grey, unmarked except for two pale, nearly straight ochreous lines, broadening at costa and some minute yellow spots along median part of costa
21.0-32.0mm. Early June to early October.
Forewing not uniformly coloured, marked otherwise
7 (6)
Forewing with termen strongly notched below apex. Labial palpus with second segment porrect and thickly scaled, third segment obliquely upturned, naked and set on before apex of second
15.0mm. Both Dutch specimens were taken in September. Alien. Forewing pale greyish ochreous irrorated dark brown towards costa and termen; two fine whitish irregular transverse lines.
Forewing with termen not notched below apex. Labial palpus upturned, sometimes slightly, third segment in line with second
8 (7)
Forewing with terminal cilia unicolorous whitish from vein 6 to near apex, rest of cilia with rather complicated pattern
17.0-22.0mm. Late June to early September. Forewing ochreous, basal and terminal area suffused reddish purple, irrorated blackish; two fine, whitish transverse lines.
Forewing with terminal cilia not with unicolorous whitish part below apex
9 (8)
Hindwing with basal area blackish, distinctly darker than rest of wing
15.0-34.0mm, female larger than male. The only Dutch specimen was observed in August. Forewing with basal area blackish, pale brown between first and second transverse lines, dark brown in terminal area; both transverse lines fine, white.
Hindwing with basal area concolorous with rest of wing
20.0-32.0mm. Late May to mid October. Forewing with basal area purplish brown, between first and second transverse lines ochreous and distal to second transverse line also purplish brown; two white transverse lines.

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