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47.2 Spilomelinae

Forewing uniformly white, only with narrow ochreous costal streak
27.0-33.0mm. July to late October.
Forewing white with broad brown band extending along costa and termen; conspicuous white lunate discal stigma in costal band
50.0mm. Mid June to September.
2 (1)
Forewing reddish ochreous, suffused dark reddish brown
18.0-22.0mm. Late May to mid November. Forewing with discal spot 8-shaped; cross-lines blackish. Hindwing pale grey; postmedian line and two minute discal dots darker.
Forewing whitish yellow to dark brownish grey, not reddish ochreous
18.0-37.0mm. Male of Ostrinia nubilalis with forewing often heavily suffused reddish brown, but pale yellowish ground colour visible and distinctly larger than Udea ferrugalis: 26.0-31.0mm.
3 (2)
Forewing underside with distinct blackish costal spots in apical half
Forewing underside otherwise
4 (3)
Forewing predominantly grey, somewhat brownish
18.0-27.0mm. Mid June to mid August. Forewing with cross-lines, orbicular and 8-shaped discal spot blackish grey. Hindwing dark bronish grey, apex darker; ill-defined postmedian line and two discal dots blackish brown.
Forewing yellowish brown with transverse lines, 21 - 28 mm
21.0-28.0mm. July. Forewing with cross-lines and stigmata grey, similar to U. prunalis. Hindwing brown, apex darker; often only with traces of darker postmedian line and small discal dot.
5 (4)
Forewing veins coloured brown; generally smaller species, 15.0-22.0mm. Hindwing with small dark discal spot and cloudy grey postmedian costal spot
August to October. Forewing pale yellow with veins and margins suffused ferruginous, this suffusion sometimes so heavy as to obscure pale ground-colour; cross-lines fine, faint, ferruginous. Hindwing yellowish white. Antenna about four-fifth length costa
Forewing coloured otherwise
6 (5)
Forewing with quadrate white spot in middle of disc
21.0-27.0mm. May to early August. Forewing dull greyish olive with white spots.
Forewing without quadrate white spot in middle of disc
7 (6)
Hindwing white with dark grey apical blotch
21.0-26.0mm. Late June to late August. Forewing pale whitish ochreous; the spots brown, outlined ochreous; cross-lines fine, brown. Hindwing with faint dark second cross-line.
Hindwing otherwise
8 (7)
Wings with grey cilia, contrasting with yellowish colour of wing; three stigmata: round orbicular, oblong discal and round spot below orbicular
21.0-29.0mm. Late July and August. Forewing yellowish; markings grey, sometimes faint.
Forewing otherwise
9 (8)
Hindwing with termen beneath apex distinctly sinuate. Forewing dark brown with a complex pattern of shining white and ochreous markings
Hindwing with termen beneath apex not or slightly sinuate. Forewing with markings otherwise
10 (9)
Forewing with second cross-line parallel to termen from costa at three-quarters to middle of wing, then bending abruptly towards tornus
17.0-22.0mm. June to August. Hindwing near base without white cross-line.
Forewing with second cross-line parallel to termen from costa at three-quarters to middle of wing, then obsolescent or absent
16.0-22.0mm. June to October. Hindwing near base with well-defined white cross-line.
11 (10)
Forewing paler coloured and usually with a more complex pattern of markings
Forewing otherwise
12 (11)
Forewing extremely elongate and narrow, length costa at least three times width of wing at two-thirds
20.0-33.3mm. April to November. Forewing brown with ill-defined cross-lines, indistinct dark median streak and two large 8-shaped darker blackish-edged spots.
forewing otherwise
13 (12)
Forewing with termen strongly curved inwards below apex; terminal cilia pure white
20.0-23.0mm. May to early July. Forewing with basal area yellow, rest of wing ochreous brown; terminal cilia pure white with blackish blotches. Hindwing greyish white with two dark lines.
Forewing with termen not or weakly curved inwards below apex; terminal cilia not pute white
14 (13)
Smaller species, 22.0-24.0mm. Forewing vivid choclate brown to black with white streaks
August to October. Forewing deep brown with broad white incomplete median fascia and a subapical white costal bar. Hindwing deep brown with broad white median fascia.
Larger species, 28.0-40.0mm. Forewing yellowish with brown transverse lines
15 (14)
Larger species, 30.0-40.0mm. Forewing yellowish with brown transverse lines; apex cloudy
June to October. Forewing whitish ochreous, yellowish tinged; with grey lines and spots. Hindwing similar.
Larger species, 28.0mm. Forewing predominantly pale yellow with fine brown markings
Alien. Forewing with three cross-lines and some additional markings; cilia yellowish white in basal half (devided by a greyish brown band) and shining grey distally.
16 (11)
Forewing brown. Antenna almost reaching to apex of forewing. Generally smaller species, 13.0-22.0mm
July (abroad in this part of Europe also August). Forewing dark brown; both cross-lines present, discal spot white, crescentic. Legs very long.
Antenna not almost reaching the apex of forewing
17 (16)
Forewing dark greyish brown with two whitish cross-lines. Smaller species, 14.5-20.0mm
Abroad April to November.
Forewing with termen strongly notched below apex; forewing with white strigulae
15.0mm. Both Dutch specimens were taken in September. Alien. Forewing pale greyish ochreous irrorated dark brown towards costa and termen; two fine whitish irregular transverse lines.

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