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Forewing unicolorous shining dark greyish brown or blackish brown with bronzy, blue or violet reflections
Forewing yellowish brown, ochreous or yellowish orange, often with dark suffusion along costa and in apical area; sometimes the wing is suffused wholly, giving it a reddish brown appearance
Occasionally some purplish reflection may occur in dark parts of the forewing.
2 (1)
Forewing blackish brown with shining bronze reflections, along costa and in apical area with metallic blue scales (sometimes less pronounced). Frons, vertex and thorax blackish brown with bronzy lustre
8.0-9.5mm. May, June and August. Fringe forewing without cilia-line.
Forewing dark greyish brown with violet reflections, without metallic blue scales. Vertex and thorax greyish brown, frons pale yellowish grey
8.0-10.0mm. May, June (abroad). Fringe forewing without cilia-line.
3 (1)
Forewing ochreous yellow; along costa and in apical area broadly dark purplish brown; a similar tornal dot, sometimes absorbed by dark suffusion
7.0-9.0mm. Late April to early September. Forewing with two obsolete cilia-lines near apex.
Forewing ochreous or yellowish orange, more or less suffused with dark or dark-tipped scales; dark dot at tornus absent
4 (3)
Forewing yellowish orange, densely suffused with brown scales throughout, giving the wing a reddish brown appearance
7.0-9.0mm. May and June (abroad). Forewing with tornal cilia darker than rest of cilia; apical cilia with one fine cilia-line, usually distinct.
Forewing yellowish orange or ochreous with dark-tipped scales along costa and in apical area
Apical cilia forewing without cilia-line.
5 (4)
Generally smaller species, 6.0-9.5mm. Length hindwing fifteen times width half-way; fringe distinctly paler than wing. Forewing yellowish orange
Early May to early October. Occasionally dark scaling extending over whole forewing, giving it a speckled appearance.
Generally larger species, 8.0-12.5mm. Length hindwing ten times width half-way; fringe concolorous with wing, but with slight yellowish sheen. Forewing deep ochreous
Late April to early September.

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